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Instructions on creating an iPhone 12 in Tailwind CSS that can be used in product marketing.

How‑To: Creating an iPhone 12 in Pure CSS to Frame an App Screenshot

After months of delay, I finally launched Flext yesterday. One of the things I’m moderately proud of is the product marketing page I designed to go with the app and, in particular, the image of Flext running on an iPhone 12.

Calling it an ‘image’ is a little deceiving, though, because while the screenshot is an image, the iPhone itself is pure CSS. How did I do it? The majority of the code is from Fayaz Ahmed, a very talented developer who was kind enough to share his code last December.

Ahmed used Tailwind CSS, a utility-first CSS framework. One of the things that’s especially great about Tailwind’s approach is that it makes copying and pasting markup elements exceptionally simple.

With Ahmed’s code in hand, I only needed to make a few minor tweaks. Ahmed’s code amazingly reproduces the entire iPhone—homescreen and all. I just needed an iPhone to frame the screenshot of Flext I’d already taken. A few edits later, here was my code:

<div class="flex items-center justify-center">
  <div class="relative">
    <div class="h-6 w-0.5 rounded-l-sm bg-green-500 absolute -left-0.5 top-16"></div>
    <div class="h-8 w-0.5 rounded-l-sm bg-green-500 absolute -left-0.5 top-28"></div>
    <div class="h-8 w-0.5 rounded-l-sm bg-green-500 absolute -left-0.5 top-40"></div>
    <div class="h-auto w-64 bg-green-500 rounded-4xl p-1 overflow-hidden">
      <div class="h-full w-full bg-black rounded-4xl overflow-hidden p-2 relative">
        <div class="w-28 h-6 bg-black absolute left-1/2 rounded-b-2xl transform -translate-x-1/2"></div>
          <img class="rounded-4xl" src="/path/to/screenshot.png" alt="App Screenshot" title="Your App"/>
      <div class="h-14 w-0.5 rounded-l-sm bg-green-500 absolute -right-0.5 top-32"></div>

The class rounded-4xl is custom and will require editing your tailwind.config.js:

module.exports = {
  theme: {
    extend: {
      borderRadius: {
        '4xl': '2rem'

And that’s it! Thanks to Ahmed. You’re a legend. If you’re curious, the full text for the Flext product marketing page is available on GitHub. ✺