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Here’s a shorter argument for why Apple should make a smartband.

The (Shorter) Case for an Apple Smartband

In March of last year I wrote a(n overly long) post about why Apple should make an Apple smartband. I stand by the argument laid out there but I’d like to have something more succinct I can point people to when discussing this issue.

So, without further ado, Apple should make a smartband because it would…

  1. …have better battery life. The number one limitation with the Apple Watch is its battery life. The biggest battery cost? The display. Solution: drastically reduce the display.

  2. …cost less. I’d say the number two limitation with the Apple Watch is the price. A smartband would be cheaper than a watch.

  3. …work better for payments. Wristworn devices are great as a means of payment but payment terminals often assume payment using the right hand. Smartbands can be worn on either wrist.

  4. …be compatible with wearing mechanical watches. A wristworn device like the Apple Watch works best when worn all the time. But wearing a smartwatch and a mechanical watch looks ridiculous.

As I said in the earlier post, think of an Apple smartband as being like the iPod Nano: a product that is more limited than its big brother but with massively broader appeal. ✺