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A wishlist for improvements I hope to see in the next version of the BeatsX earphones.

BeatsX 2.0 Wishlist

I put a list of improvements I’d like to see at the end of my paen to the BeatsX earphones. I’ve come up with a few more so I’ll list them all here for easy reference.

  • Power Button: The power button needs to be rethought. At present, you need to hold it down until a light comes on/goes off. That’s almost impossible to do unless you take the earphones off. It should be a sliding switch you can toggle without needing to look at it (like the mute switch on your iPhone).

  • Battery Notifications: The earphones should send a push notification to your phone when they’re at 20% charge. I wear my earphones all the time and, partly due to the crappiness of the power button, tend to leave them on all the time. The earphones play an auditory cue when they’re running low on power but you don’t hear that if you’re wearing them as a necklace. A push notification (that could come through to your Apple Watch) is an obvious solution.

  • Necklace Autopause: Playback should automatically pause when the earbuds are magnetically clasped together. It’s practically impossible to listen to them when in this configuration and so would increase convenience without any possible detriment.

  • Indicator Light: The location of the indicator light should be switched to the other ‘side’ of the battery ‘pack’. The current location means that if you charge the earphones in a dock, you can’t see the indicator. It’s where it is now so that it can be more easily seen when you lift the earphones up over your head. That’s for the purpose of the power button; if it’s a switch, you don’t need to do it that way.

  • Wake Reliability: The reliability of reconnecting on wake needs to be improved. I continue to have the occasional problem where the earphones just won’t connect back to the iPhone. This is a frustrating problem to solve and simply shouldn’t happen.

I don’t know if a version 2 is coming this year but when it does arrive, I hope it has some of these improvements. ✺